Loss or Damage in Transit

4.16.1       Your Item Does Not Arrive or Arrives Damaged
If the Sale Item is picked up but fails to reach us for any reason, and such failure is known to us, or if the Sale Item arrives in a state which we determine to be damaged, we may conduct an investigation into such failure or into such damage.  Such investigation may take up to 30 working days from the day on which such failure becomes known to us.  In order to assist us in our investigation we may require certain information and documentation from you, including without derogating from the generality of the foregoing:
(i)         a complete and accurate description of the Sale Item and how it was packaged, including materials and type of packaging;
(ii)        a copy of the Royal Mail Tracking number and a copy of the Post Office Receipt confirming acceptance of the Royal Mail Special Delivery bag;
(iii)       a signed declaration from you confirming that the Sale Item was legally owned by you;
(iv)       a receipt, proof of purchase or proof of ownership of the Sale Item;
(v)        a proof of your address (e.g., utility bill); and
(vi)       a copy of your identity papers, which may include your driver’s license or passport.
A “working day” shall mean any day from Monday to Friday, excluding (i) national holidays in the United Kingdom and (ii) any other day on which the banks in the United Kingdom are closed.