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Making a Claim

If it is found, following completion of an investigation pursuant to Section 4.16.1, that the Sale Item has been picked up by us and lost or totally and irreparably damaged (and provided that you have supplied us with the information set out at Section 4.16.1 to our satisfaction) you may make a written claim to us requiring us to reimburse you for the Sale Item in accordance with this Section 4.16.2.  Following receipt of your written claim we will pay you the Quote Price or Revised Quote Price, as applicable.

In the event that you did not initially provide us with a clear photograph of the Sale Item, or in the event that the Quote Price was based upon unverified assumptions by the valuation team, the amount of payment for any lost Sale Item will be at our sole discretion (Discretionary Price).

For the purposes of this Section 4.16, the parties acknowledge and accept that the Quote Price or Revised Quote Price, or the Discretionary Price, as applicable is fair and reasonable compensation for the loss of or total and irreparable damage to the Sale Item.

If it is found that you provided us with fraudulent statements with respect to the Sale Item, its ownership, condition, shipment or otherwise, you shall be responsible for all costs, losses and damages caused to us as a result of such fraudulent statements.