OMEGA Vintage Speedmaster 105.003 Chronograph Cal 321 Men Steel Watch Year 1965




Embark on a journey through space history with the legendary Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.003!

This timepiece transcends the ordinary; it is a cosmic artifact with a rich history woven into its very essence.

Crafted in 1965, the Omega Speedmaster 105.003 bears witness to an unparalleled legacy.

On June 3rd, 1965, it boldly ventured into the vastness of space on astronaut Ed White’s wrist during his groundbreaking spacewalk—an iconic moment eternally imprinted in history.

What truly sets this piece apart is its intertwined destiny.

Crafted just a day after that historic event, this watch has forever etched its place in the annals of space exploration.

Meticulously restored and serviced to ensure peak performance, this treasure showcases an original, gracefully aged dial, hands from its era, and a bezel insert featuring the revered “dot over Ninety.”

Encased in stainless steel from its birth year, this Speedmaster exudes timeless elegance, further accentuated by its straight lugs—a symbol of a bygone era.

More than a historical relic, it’s a visual masterpiece, captivating with its straight lugs—an emblem of an era gone by.

Accompanied by a Plain Omega box, it’s not just a watch; it’s a collector’s dream.

Seize this extraordinary opportunity to own a tangible piece of space history.

The Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.003 is ready to find its place in your distinguished collection.


Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.003

Model No.: 105.003

Caliber: 321

Year: 1965

Gender: Men

Movement: Automatic

Case: Stainless Steel original 1965

Crystal: Sapphire Glass

Dial: Black Chronograph Dial with mark between 3 and 6 number humidity

Diameter: 40 mm

Dial: Black with minor age marks from 3 to 6 numbers

Bracelet: Original Stainless Steel Omega Bracelet (1965)

Condition working and full service but did not touch the dial

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