how do we grade, assess and value your Diamond?

Cut. Each and every Diamond is unique in shape, size and value. Popular Diamond shapes include Princess Cut, Brilliant Round, Emerald, Cushion and Asscher.

Colour. The gemologist will assess your diamond on a colours range from diamonds colour  D-E- F- G- H- I- J- K- L and including yellow or pink. The colour of your diamond is determined by comparing your diamond with a set of ‘Master Diamonds’. The gemologist will assess your diamond in your favour against the master diamonds.

Clarity. To ensure the best and most accurate value for your Diamond, the clarity is graded using a Gemological microscope at 10 times magnification. The clarity simply defines how many inclusions and/or imperfections the gem may have.

Carat Weight. The carat weight of your diamond is measured using modern scales to ensure accuracy and precision. If you have a certificate or diamond appraisal, this will be listed. Typically, Carat weights vary from .75 to 4.00.